We seek to train our cadets to be independent, reliable and responsible and we are very proud of our achievements.

Our drive is for competent cadets who exercise self discipline and care for others. In common with all army cadets ours are taught the core of basic skills on training nights once a week, parades, camp nights, field exercises, and training days. On completion of their time with us cadets have particular strengths in navigation, marksmanship, field craft and leadership. It is a testament to our qualities that many ex students choose to return to continue with cadets or indeed, as volunteer instructors. We always welcome new faces, whether as a volunteer instructor or potential recruit.

‘The army cadet program encourages self-discipline, goodwill and respect, and is a distinctive link with the local and wider community.
ISI Inspectorate Report, May 2009

Contacts: armycadets@staubyns.com

J Lawson

(Contingent Commander)


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