SASS is an integral and valued partner to the school. We are a group of interested parents and staff bringing about events and initiatives to benefit the lives of the families and staff at our School.

We are committed to enriching the community spirit of our school and one of the ways we do this is running a busy calendar of events throughout the school year.  We have annual events such as Fireworks and Camp Night and others that we alternate each year such as the Circus and the Summer Fete.  This year we have the following planned: -


SASS Events Calendar 2016/17

Christmas Term

Fireworks Night - 11th November 2016

Christmas Panto - 3rd December 2016

Lent Term

Basic Life Support & First Aid - 18th January 2017 (Nursery & Reception parents only)

Quiz Night - 27th January 2017

Prep School Children’s Disco - 10th February 2017

Middle School Movie Night - 24th March 2017

Summer Term

Camp Weekend at Gillwell Park 5th & 6th May 2017

Summer Fete – 2nd July 2017


SASS Initiatives 2016/17

The SASS Initiatives are there to improve the experience of the students, staff and families at St Aubyn’s.  These initiatives are the opposite to the big events in the calendar and they are the little touches brought about to help either parents, children or staff on a more regular basis.

SASS set up and runs the enormously successful second hand uniform shop that reuses hundreds of good quality items of uniform each year.  For this year it is open every Wednesday and is located just by 5SY classroom and the Art Department.  This is an enormously valuable resource for our parents.

SASS also contributes to seasonal gifts for the children (Christmas & Easter), provides the annual Christmas Trees and makes a significant contribution to the Year 6 Leavers' Party each year.

We also look to our network of Class Reps to help with teas and coffees around various school events and hold a start of term coffee morning to welcome parents back to the new term and inform them of the upcoming events.

If you are interested in joining the SASS Group which meets on the first Tuesday evening of each month during term-time please get in touch with me directly.

Wishing you a happy and successful academic year


Laura McGinty –